Expert Witness / Consultant

Gontran de Quillacq, expert witness

Before becoming an executive recruiter and the Managing Partner of Navesink International LLC, Gontran de Quillacq was a derivatives trader, a portfolio manager and a quantitative strategist for 20 years.

An executive recruiter since 2013, Gontran de Quillacq specializes in quantitative investments and senior investment personnel – portfolio managers, analysts, quants, CIOs, CROS… His clientele includes some of the world’s most famous and most demanding hedge funds. his past investment experience quickly made him one of the top 5 quantitative recruiters in the US.

Gontran de Quillacq was first asked to testify as an expert after attorneys saw his extensive testimony in a personal matter. In addition to his testimony, they were impressed by his unique expertise and background.

Areas of expertise

  • Investments and trading: Securities and derivatives (stock options, swaps, exotics...), structured products, complex financial instruments, benchmarks manipulation (Libor, FX, indices), liquidity management, spoofing, high-frequency trading and algorithmic trading, portfolio construction and risks, management fees, broker dealers, hedge funds...
  • Recruitment and employment: Front-office personnel, portfolio managers, traders, quants, analysts, broker-dealers, compensation, due diligence, U5.
  • Supported practice areas: Financial fraud & litigation, commodities & securities manipulation, white-collar crime, broker-dealers, hedge funds, investigations, enforcement, whistleblowing, alternative dispute resolution, FINRA arbitrations.

Education, qualifications

  • Lycee Faidherbe, Classes Preparatoires, 1989
  • Ecole d'Application du Train, Military Academy, Lieutenant, 1991
  • Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, MS Theoretical Physics, alumnus ("ancien élève"), 1992
  • Ecole Superieure d'Electricite, DEA (doctoral degree), 1993
  • HEC, MS Management, alumnus ("diplomé d'HEC"), 1995
  • SFA: Trader, 1997, General Representative, 2001
  • DTB, Eurex, Xetra, EuroNext, Saxess, StocholmBorsen, HEX, SWX, Registered Trader, 1997-2002
  • FINRA Series 7, Series 55, Series 63, 2006

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