Professional standards

There are more than a few bad recruiters out there. This is not really surprising, since there is no formal training or board of standards. Meanwhile, cutting corners still pays.

We believe it is impossible to attract the highest caliber candidates with low professional standards. So we are stating our standards clearly, putting our bar far higher than our competition.


Your IP is critical and highly confidential.

  • Any form of intellectual property, be it your documents or simply your name, will go nowhere without your explicit approval. No exception.
  • If one of our clients could be interested in you, we will ask your authorization for an introduction.
  • When this happens, we recommend an explanatory call about the client and his/her objectives, so that you can make a well-informed decision.


The schedule of a recruiter includes many emails, candidate interviews, setting-up candidate interviews with clients or asking their questions, as well as business development (adding new clients or working to the existing ones). The days are full. But we do our best to:

  • Reply to all candidates, even to turn them down. We give priority to those we have already presented.

  • Give you feedback when we are on the phone, if something seems important.

  • Explain each client in detail (history, culture, objectives, IP policies, rewards...), so that you can make an informed decision on your possible introduction.

  • Immediately pass on a client's answer or comment when we obtain it, even if negative.

  • Answer any candidate's question about the status of their current presentation(s).